Developmental Dyscalculia in Adults

There are a lot of issues related to Developmental Dyscalculia in Adults. It causes troubles with your regular life.

Your options on employment can be affected, poor health and even depression has been related to developmental dyscalculia.

Other than common belief, dyscalculia affects about the same number of people compared to dyslexia. About 5%-7% of the population, so you are not alone. Dyscalculia does not get much diagnosed as there is little awareness of the condition and people seem to think that children “grow out of it”, which is absolutely not true.

Trouble with math will continue in adulthood if not properly treated. Most of the research into dyscalculia has until now been focussed on children and ignores the vast number of adults suffering every day of the consequences of this condition.

It is a lifelong learning disability.

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At we try to be of service to this vast population of forgotten patients of a forgotten learning disability, by providing testing, done remote via video conference, and remediation/tutoring, also done remote via video conferencing.

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