Testing and Tutoring

Assessment options, for detailed description and tutoring see below 

1. In depth assessment of math and dyscalculia is a limited option and measures Number Sense, math level, gaps and other abilities important for learning math and costs $525. 

2. Extended evaluation for math and Dyscalculia extends option 1 above by including an evaluation of general mental capabilities (WIAS). This option is favorite for schools to base their opinion about accommodations and modification on. charged at $775

Other option available at your request, send us a message to discuss.

Assessment details:

1. In depth assessment of math and dyscalculia 

For an in-depth assessment of math and dyscalculia we will work with you for several hours to half a day. The evaluation will focus both on Number Sense and on the overall achievement level in math, listing any gaps in particular mathematical areas that need to be addressed. It can lead to the identification of a Specific Learning Disorder in Math (Math LD) or dyscalculia. The results of the assessment will be described in a detailed report including an optional plan for intervention, taking into account your personal learning style. A follow up contact to answer questions and go over the results and suggestions for intervention is included. The report and plan for intervention will take on average a week to ten days and costs $525.

2. Extended evaluation for math and dyscalculia 

This evaluation is similar to the one under option 2 however, schools and universities like to also have a measure of general intellectual capabilities, so this assessment includes an extra test that develops a score for this purpose and includes basic processes connected to learning such as verbal comprehension, visual spatial abilities, fluid reasoning, working memory, and processing speed. charged at $775.

New video series for 2022

See more details on the video series home page, including the full curriculum and some free preview videos, click HERE to go there

Tutoring options:

We can tutor you in weekly or bi-weekly 55 min. lessons, with as goal to work to remediate your Dyscalculia or to help you pass a specific math requirement or exam. Tutoring costs $75 for adults or college level.

We tutor using our video platform and we have options for after work hours or on weekend days. Contact us for details and availability.