Adult Dyscalculia is an initiative from Dr. A.M.Schreuder the founder of Dyscalculia Services.

Dyscalculia Services was founded in 2010 by Dr. Schreuder. 

She follows and implements the latest research on the subject of learning differences and best practices for intervention. She volunteered at Neuhaus and a fMRI study at UT and was trained as a reading tutor at UT. The tutoring experience brought back fond memories of her first student job as a Math tutor.

Unlike for dyslexia, where there is an abundance of good information for parents and teachers, dyscalculia is relatively new and unknown. She founded Dyscalculia Services to raise awareness for dyscalculia and assist parents to support their children’s learning.

Over the years it became clear that there is a need for adults who have not been diagnosed with dyscalculia in their youth, to get support. A diagnosis and/or support to be able to improve their functioning in daily life, their job or their ambition to pass a certain exam.

This prompted the start of Adult Dyscalculia, a website where you can find information about Adult Dyscalculia and resources to get a diagnosis or further support.

Dr. Schreuder lives in Katy, TX and works in the greater Houston area. Various video conferencing platforms are used to reach those outside that area.