Adult Dyscalculia Screener

Welcome to your Adult Dyscalculia Screener

This is a very early indication about the possibility that you may be affected by Dyscalculia.
This screener is suitable for Adults.
There are 17 questions in this screener and after that you'll see an explanation about your results.
You will also receive an email confirming your participation and score.

Math started to be difficult for me in elementary school
Memorizing addition and subtraction facts is hard
Memorizing multiplication tables is hard, in particular the 7 and 8 times table
When I try to memorize math facts or formulas, I seem to know it one day but it looks unfamiliar the next day.
Having to work out any calculation makes me nervous
I prefer to write down numbers in columns instead of working it out mentally
I have trouble comparing and applying fractions, percents, and decimals
Estimating the answer for a calculation is often harder than writing it out step by step
Using speed and distance to prepare travel plans is confusing for me
It takes me forever to work out which cell phone plan is best for me
Understanding and checking my utility bills is difficult
I leave calculating how to split a lunch bill with friends to someone else because I'm nervous that I'll get it wrong
I have difficulty balancing a checkbook or keeping track of recurring expenses
Although people repeat driving directions to me several times I still get lost easily
When I repeat numbers or copy them, I substitute or drop a number often
I have forgotten important personal numbers such as house and phone numbers
When I move furniture, I have difficulty estimating if it will fit in a certain space