Adult math in real life

NEW: Adult Math in real life video series

We have recently completed a video series to help you with math in real life.

No formulas, no homework, not a course or training, just videos where we talk about various topics in real life and how math can help you there and how to do that math. Here is what we have so far, let us know what you think. Interested?

  • Math for cooking
  • Math for dinner outings
  • Math for mortgage and phone subscriptions
  • Math for giving change
  • Math to calculate the tip in  a restaurant
  • Math for a road trip
  • Math on vacation
  • Math for refurbishing the home
  • Math for cleaning the house
  • Math and your 401(k)
  • Math and your pension
  • Math and your health
  • Math and your car
  • Math and the sale
  • Math and your credit card
  • Math and your personal loan
  • Math and the lottery
  • Math and the garden
  • Math and your money
  • Math in the grocery store
  • Math and the utilities
  • Math on your birthday
  • Math on tv

oh and in case you forgot: