Adult Dyscalculia provides assessments and tutoring support for adults who may have dyscalculia, the forgotten math learning disability.


Assessments can be done in person or online via one of our video conferencing platforms.

The process involves

  • filling out a questionnaire with some background and data about your history and circumstances.
  • taking our online Math and Dyscalculia screening test
  • face to face or via video platform, assessments that take about 2-3 hours
  • a thorough report by Dr. Schreuder after about 14 days

Assessments are charged at $475-$675

Tutoring support

Depending on schedules tutoring support can be provided. This is specialized for the learning disability Dyscalculia.

Tutoring is charged at $65-$75 per session of 55 minutes, depending on level and complexity.

Contact us via or call 832 377 8373 for more information and scheduling options.